Photographer captures larger-than-life LEGO vehicles on Italian roads


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Obsession of own passions is rare, but it can inspire masterpieces and create master-artists. Passionate photographers, too, dream of a world that suits their perspective. In fact, the art of photography is nothing without a perspective. Italian photographer Domenico Franco has taken his passion to new level and created surreal scenes in which he placed life-size Lego creations on Italy’s cobblestone roads. He wanted to place the Lego toys in realistic setting at their suitable places.

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For instance a Lego tram making its way through city, a Lamborghini parked outside architectural landmark, tractors, campers, vans, trailers and so on. And look, the Lego helicopter has made an emergency landing outside of the colosseum.

The aim is to transform ordinary contexts in extraordinary ones,’ franco says, ‘thus compelling the toys to get out of the idyllic and politically correct landscapes belonging to their perfect and idealistic cities, with the result of instilling in them those vices, virtues and desires typical of human beings,

explained Domenico.

In first look, the LEGO work would appear real and that’s where he has done a wonderful digital job.


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Via: Designboom  



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