SafariSeat – world’s first low cost, all-terrain wheelchair

SafariSeat all terrain wheelchair

Janna Deeble, a 23-year old British inventor, brought up in Kenya, was wheelchair bound for months after a fretful skateboarding accident that left him with a broken leg. Janna didn’t take the handicap as turndown, instead the youngster dedicated time to build the SafariSeat – world’s first low cost all-terrain wheelchair that can run with equal prowess in the desert and jungle. The all-terrain wheelchair is designed primarily as a way to easy commuting issues faced by wheelchair-bound individuals in rural Africa.

The wheelchair is made from bicycle parts, and features levers to be steered. The innovative wheelchair has four wheels with individual suspension that ensure all wheels remain on the ground (at all times) for maximum stability making it apt to negotiate any terrain.

Janna has the first design ready and has successfully tested it with his childhood friend Letu – who has been wheelchair bound owing to disability since birth. The easy to make SafariSeat is now seeking funding on Kickstarter, where UJi, Janna run company dedicated to making a difference has raised £50,486 (at the time of writing) of its £30,000 goal.

SafariSeat all terrain wheelchair-1

The open source SafariSeat can be manufactured at a basic local workshop using ordinary bike parts, this makes the all-terrain wheelchair low cost and easy to maintain.

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