Toy Block – Xiaomi’s app controlled coding toy available for $73  

Xiaomi Toy BlockThe age of coding toys is here, which sounds wonderful as well as eerie. Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO, on Friday, announced the release date of the Toy Block – a coding toy or robotic toy that relies on LEGO pieces and can assemble into different forms. The Toy Block will go on sale for 499 yuan ($73) on China’s big Singles’ Day online sale on November 11.

Xiaomi Toy Block  3

The toy can be controlled by the user through an accompanying mobile app. There is opportunity to come up with several combinations using provided wheels, gears, chains etc.

Xiaomi Toy Block  6

The Toy Block can keep itself upright upto 3kg weight with the help of integrated gyroscope and is powered by an ARM Cortex-M3 chip.

User can set a sequence of moves for the robotic-toy with accompanying app.  You can expect slight taste of  ‘Transformers‘ in it.

Xiaomi Toy Block  4

The toy market is in transition phase and coding toys are trending gradually. A century ago, even before that, science-fiction novelist used to set their main characters in future settings with technologies which were dream back then. After a century, the world has attained more than this novelist could predict. Even LEGO pieces have turned into larger-than-life objects.

Xiaomi Toy Block 5


Via: Mashable



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