World’s first Smart Wallet that automatically sorts bills and coins for you

Kin Studio Wallets 2
Kickstarter is one place where you would observe enormous variety of issues in daily life and creative solutions to them. The platform has combined community of solution oriented entrepreneurs at one place and the results are incredible. For instance, Studio KIN, has pondered over a trouble that might be trivial, but is regular. It’s about the hassle in managing coins in our pockets or wallets. It’s a daily fight to mess up pockets and bags to store change.

Traditional wallets, so far, provided a different pocket to store coins that require separate efforts. But Studio Kind believes that it is embarrassing that in year 2016, humankind has still not thought about the trouble.

So, the Studio has designed world’s first wallet that automatically sort currency notes and coins into different sections. User can randomly put coins and currency together into one section. It will be a cinch for the wallet to seep the change into different section from which coins could be accessed easily by opening a flap.
The wallet features acrylic canvas for it is both durable and waterproof. The wallet can accommodate enough coins without the fear of misplacing even a single penny. At least, this is what the developers claim on Kickstarter. For early bird, the pledge starts from $30.

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