Sunflower’s futuristic drone security to replace traditional homes security alarms

Sunflower Home Awareness SystemDo you remember the mechanical sentinels as guards in The Matrix? Would you like one of those as your home security system instead of going for traditional security alarms? Not exactly aggressive, armed drones with tentacles but Sunflower Labs has come up with a futuristic Home Awareness Systems – a drone accompanied by few in-ground smart lights. It offers freedom from static CCTV cameras that mainly provide footage of entry and exit. The drone is about 2 pounds and can detect a variety of disturbances based on detected movement, vibration, noise etc. It is equipped with two cameras for surveillance purpose.

User can control it with a mobile app along with receiving live-streamed video footage recorded by the drone. The drone sends push messages to alarm the user. If user commands it to investigate, the drone will take off from anywhere you would ideally place it and fly to the defined spot. It can distinguish sounds from various sources like animals, human, machines, birds etc.

If you find the footage suspicious, the app offers an option to call the cops as well. About its own sound, the drone makes light humming noise.
Sunflower Home Awareness System 4

The drone hovers at a height of about 30 feet up over suspicious object or visitor until use calls it back.

Well, it sounds like drone-dog if it is coded to bark and given artificial teeth to bite.

In case the drone collides with something, the propellers are automatically shut off.

Not clear how, but the drone’s surveillance capability would be limited to users own property to prevent breach of privacy of neighbors.
Sunflower Home Awareness System 5

The company expects to put the Sunflower Home Awareness System under testing by mid 2017. About safety, privacy, nuisance and regulatory concerns, the company is hoping no botheration from the authorities as its operational diameter is contained only to user’s personal property. Also, the user would not be using the drone for commercial purposes.

Sunflower Home Awareness System 3
The company presumes that the new security system would be smarter and provide relief from errors and false alarms triggers by traditional home security systems.

There is no confirmed information available about the cost per unit.

Via: CNN Money



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