DFDS employees build world’s largest LEGO ship to celebrate company’s 150th anniversary

World's larger LEGO ShipDFDS, largest shipping and Logistics Company in Norther Europe, is celebrating its 150th anniversary. The employees at the DFDS created world’s largest LEGO ship “Jubilee Seways” using 1.015 million bricks to complement the occasion. You can listen to more details on a video posted by the “Beyond The Brick” in which LEGO artists Warren Elsmore and Julie Broberg of DFDS explained their efforts behind building world’s largest LEGO ship.

They put over 900 hours to build this 40 feet long, 8.9 feet high, and 2.2 tons heavy ship that is on display at Brick Live Birmingham 2016. Different sections of the ship were made by separate groups. LEGOs were shipped to other offices to prepare a specific part of the ship. Finally, when all parts were ready, there were assembled in Scotland.

The Guinness World Records has confirmed it as the largest LEGO ship.

The main aim was to celebrate our 150th anniversary together by building something big to mark such an outstanding anniversary. It has been important for us for colleagues from all locations in Europe across national boundaries to be given the opportunity to make their mark on this beautiful ship. I am proud that together we have reached this goal,

said Niels Smedegaard, CEO of DFDS.

The ship is built around a steel-frame and is settled on trailer that keeps moving to different locations. It can’t be sailed in real Ocean, but it can move on tyres. The team has also prepared a time-lapse video showing employees working like ants to complete the model in time.

Well, the ship is, no doubt, huge piece of LEGO art and the efforts are appreciable, but it lacks the cool factor.



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