“Pass the butter robot” from Rick and Morty comes to life

Pass the butter robotOne of the members from the Rick and Morty club that had appeared in an American animated science-fiction comedy television series of the ‘Adult Swim’ has come to life.  A Redditor has turned a smartphone controlled toy tank into a real-life cute and distressed ‘pass the butter robot’ and it’s doing fine – asking the same question and receiving the same answer.

If you haven’t seen the series, here is a video from original inspiration behind the robot:

The geek, who made it, printed a 3D body for it and fit it over the original toy. Although, most of the Redditors who came across it, admired it, there were a few who called it “far more shitty”. The fellow didn’t upload his creation for comparison, however.

Anyway, it’s a nice attempt and quite successful too. It does actually pass butter. Redditor had already started asking the maker to upload solid work files and 3D layouts.





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