Vixole E-Sneakers – World’s first customizable sneakers with endless prospects

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Do you remember any sort of hi-tech, digital, and multipurpose shoes from any science fiction that you would wish to come true? We don’t remember one, but we do recall imagining prospects of shoe as fashion accessory. Well, engineers and coders have found their way into one of the most profitable and glamorous industry – fashion world. This time, we aren’t referring to anything like Bojian Han’s SoSole sneakers. This one is way more exciting, if claims by the developer to be believed.

The best example, so far, is latest crowdfunding project on Indiegogo – Vixol – worlds’ first customizable mid-to E-sneaker, as claimed by the manufacturer. Only 300 Limited Edition pairs would be manufactured as this unique attempt is so far expensive for mass production.

Vixole appears to have been stuffed with everything possible (so far) – 8 different sensors, a main OLED screen built on the shoe surface that also host small flexible LED screens. It is equipped with an accelerometer, Gyroscope, Manetometer, Sound, Vibrator, Brightness, Bending, and NFC.

You don’t need to wear fitness trackers as it can do usual step counting on more accurate way. The screen displays what you wish it to via smartphone app. You can create your own designs and project them instantly on Vixole. That means, you can change its color theme or chose to display clip-art, animations or other graphics.

It can synchronize all the date that you can share on social media including your custom designs. The shoe has vibrators that would change the way navigation apps used to guide you. If you are cycling, you just feed the location and the shoes will guide you via vibrations on left and right shoe as directions. Also, the shoes notify you about incoming calls and messages through vibrators.

Because it has motion trackers and open API, which means you can play VR games that require kicks in action like soccer or may be Tekken.

Of course, to enable so many functions, it has a processor, ram, and other electronic components required. It can detect music around it and turn on visualization in accordance with it.
Vixole Sneakers

The shoes require power source for which it features a rechargeable battery. The shoe can be charged wirelessly by simply placing them on the provided charging platform and in just 2 hours, you are good to go for 8 hours.

No, according to the team of developers that include engineers, programmers, and designer, shoes are not delicate. You can use it for biking, skateboarding, dancing etc. The shoes are water-resistance and would do fine in snow as well.
Vixole e-sneakers

The shoe is being offered in three models, Vixole Basic, Plus, and OLED. The basic version is being offered for $150 and the cost rises for higher versions. We aren’t sure whether, Vixole would deliver all of what it claimed, but we are sure that Vixole represents very initial stage of future of fashion accessories.
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