Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle clicks and shares your pics on social media everytime you take a sip

Coca Cola Selfie BottleConnecting products or objects of daily use to social media or electronics in general is one of the fast growing trends right now. Fashion industry is the best example of how designers are trying to incorporate embedded electronics that can project your social life onto either E-dresses or E-sneakers. Now, for selfie obsessed geeks, Coca-Cola has connected its half-a-liter bottle to Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Coca-Cola came up with interesting marketing trick for its Coca-Cola Summer Love, the biggest brand outdoor event in Israel – A Selfie-Bottle. To make people more active and create an interactive environment, A Tel-Aviv advertisement agency, Gefen Team, designed this bottle to take selfie of anyone who touch it with his mouth, tilting the bottle to 70 degree angle.

The selfie bottle is actually a custom designed camera that can be attached to a 0.5L Coca-Cola bottle. It takes selief everytime consumer take a sip of his/her carbonated soft drink. The images will be instantly shared on SnapChat, official Facebook page of Israel Coca-Cola, and it Instagram account. Users can tag their friends to tease them about what did they miss.

The trick worked well. Not bad Coca-Cola!

Via: Adeevee



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