India’s new GPS chip enabled INR 2000 currency bill can be tracked via satellite?

GPS Chip in Rs. 2000 note

Indian economy as well social sphere is in chaos as the Indian Government decided to suddenly demonetize INR 500 and INR 5000 to crack down culprits responsible for stacking the old bills as black money. In India, where 80 percent transactions including most of small commercial industry are done through cash and major population doesn’t even have bank accounts, it was a setback for public in general. However, that’s the less interesting part.

A mainstream, national news Channel “Zee News” had recently published a post about new, high-tech currency bills of INR 500 and INR 2000. The Reserve Bank of India, claimed the report, has included a GPS enabled chip into the INR 200 currency note using state of art ‘nano technology’. 

Satellite sends notification to concerned authorities like the Income Tax Department about high concentration of INR 2000 notes in any institute or place other than banks or other official offices. The place would be raided and the money would be recovered for further investigation to determine whether it is a white or black.


The report further said,  the chip is capable of reflecting such a strong signal that notes can be tracked even if they are buried below surface of earth (120 meters underground exactly).

The currency note becomes unstable if someone tries to tamper with it, claimed the report. The Channel claimed it to be one-of-its-kind attempt by extraordinary Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Some people even tore apart new INR 2000 bills to confirm the reports of included GPS chip. The report took a form of hoax within no time and entire India almost believed it. Soon, messages spread on WhatsApp.

Although, the news channel has removed the original post from its website, we still have following screen shot of it:

Zee News Currency Hoax

The Reserve Bank of India had to come out with official statement in which it dismissed the claims as mere rumors. The report became a joke on Twitter and users enjoyed the perks of posting and reading hilarious jokes like “Whenever the possessor of the bill does something bad with a 2000 bill, it gives a shock as deterrent”.

The nano GPS in the Rs 2000 note can also be used for traffic navigation. To use it, take it out of your wallet. Then hold it in landscape mode on the dashboard of your car and swipe on it from left to right. Digital guidelines will come up on it and will guide you home.

Said another joke.

Another hilarious remark said,

The Rs 2000 has a nano camera and voice recording devices. These get activated with certain phrases that people trying to hide taxes use. Details of black money hoarders are captured using this nano camera and are then sent to the Indian government.

That wasn’t all; yesterday public fell to rumors that due to demonetization of currency bills, there would a severe shortage of salt. People began to buy large amounts of salt at a price that is at least 4-5 times higher than normal price. You should Google for videos and images, if you doubt it.

Anyway, the idea of such high-tech note is simply a treat for even the most imaginative minds.



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