8 meter tall robotic dinosaurs debut in a hotel hall in Japan

Robotic dinosaurs

A Japanese company has brought to life one of the largest and heaviest animals to ever walk the earth. The company called On-Art Corp unveiled large human-controlled robotic dinosaurs at a hotel hall in Japan, where the dinosaurs stomped and roared loudly to impress one all with the realism of might and structure. Modeled after fossilized skeletons of dinosaurs, the realist replicas are made from carbon fiber.

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Around 12 human controlled dinosaurs that were seen biting of heads of supposed staff caretakers on stage, were unveiled as part of a presentation to propose a theme park in Japan where visitors could interact with these realistic dinosaur replicas.

On-Art Corp revealed models of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, an Allosaurus and a Raptor walking around authoritatively letting out growls through their wide gaping mouths with razor sharp teeth.

On-Art Robotic dinosaurs Japan-

The Tyrannosaurus Rex on display was the largest animal in the hall. It weighed 38 kg and measured 8 meters in height.

The rugged and almost realistic dinosaurs are a brainchild if Kazuya Kanemaru, the CEO of On-Art Corp, who visions to start the “Dino-a-Park” – a amusement park that is reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. “Dino-a-Park” would be a place where ‘visitors could see and experience these creatures first-hand,’ Kazuya said.

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Source: Reuters / Via: DesignYouTrust



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