Bobtail -A fun way to convert a stroller into scooter

bobtail-stroller-scooter-3To make a stroller dual purpose, a San Diego-based maker is offering to manufacture BOB-specific accessory that would convert strollers into a skateboard within a few seconds. User can attach it to the rear of the stroller and skate instead of walking while strolling. As compared to some complex concepts like self-driving strollers, the Bobtail is quite simple and doesn’t require any time-consuming assembly.

Bobtail features a tubular steel frame, a wooden deck and a solid rubber (rear)tyre. User can clip it to the stroller by just clipping it to horizontal road at the rear of the stroller. So, far, the skateboard is compatible with only BOB strollers, but the maker would extend it for other models as well if it could achieve its crowdfunding goal on the Kickstarter.


To control the speed, there is a friction fender brake. Still, the maker has mentioned that it is meant to be used at low speed in order to avoid accidents.

Bobtail can carry upto 250 lb (113 kg) weight easily.

If  this stroller cum scooter proposal interests you, you can back the makers on Kickstarter with pledge starting from US $179. The retail price would be around US $250-260. You can read more about it on Kickstarter page.



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