Beyond Ink – A pen with built-in 16GB flash drive and 1,000 mAh battery

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Traditional ballpoint pens are still doing their bit of share excellently. However, there is still a scope to utilize small space a standard ballpoint or ink pen offers. For instance, Cannon had included a projector in  a limited edition pen it had rolled a few years back. Beyond Ink – a multipurpose pen claims to make the job of a pen more efficient and multi-dimensional. The Beyond Ink includes a built-in 16GB USB flash drive that can be attached to standard ports of all devices.

Then, there is a 1000 mAh Panasonic battery which is chargeable via provided USB port. The pen doesn’t require energy. The battery works as an external storage that could be used to juice up smartphones. Though, 1000 mAh isn’t much considering that most of the smartphones feature 2,000- 3,000 mAh batteries, but still it can provide a few hours of extra talk time.

Beyond Ink

Moreover, the capacity of built-in battery is low because the size of the pen wouldn’t accommodate anything bigger. If you try to include a larger battery, then it compromises the weight and ergonomics. A bulky pen doesn’t sound comfortable for writing purpose.
Pen with USB Drive

A flexible built-in cable is also available for Micro USB iPhone Lighting. The pen is 156 cm in length and weighs 71 grams, which is heavier compared to normal ballpoint pen.

The Beyond Ink also comes with a detachable stylus that can be used with touch-screen devices. However, the tip of the pen requires to be removed before the stylus could be mounted.

The pen uses high-quality stainless steel and brass to offer durability. The pen uses Lamy ballpoint ink and can be refilled for about $6. Don’t be surprised as Lamy stuff is always expensive.

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You can buy the the Beyond Ink for $70 from its official website. You can also refer to a (confusing) hands-on review for more details on experience of using it.




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