Body heat powered PowerWatch is the smartwatch you always wanted

PowerWatch smartwatch

Charging your smartwatch won’t be a concern any more as a prototype on Indiegogo promises so. This is PowerWatch by Matrix Industries, and it could be a revolution in smartwatch industry. The watch is powered by your body head, as it harnesses warmth from your skin. Also, it is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters and doubles as an activity and sleep tracker. The best part, you don’t have worry about charging it every night or be uptight about the amount of charge left while going on a long trip.

PowerWatch works on thermoelectric power generation technology which works on the principle of heat variation. While you wear it, the body heat transmitted by your skin keeps one side warm while the opposite side is cooler. This creates thermoelectric power, resulting in abundant power for the watch to function smoothly.

When you don’t wear it, the watch goes into sleep mode which preserves energy for vital functions like timekeeping. During this time it keeps all the data in the internal memory and restores it back when you wear the watch. Using advanced hardware, this smartwatch constantly keeps you updated on the current charge level. Since it accurately measures the body heat level, your burn calorie count is also accounted for.

It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum giving it a very trendy look. The makers have focused on its functionality too with customizable watch faces, activity tracking and seep tracking capabilities too.

PowerWatch smartwatch

PowerWatch works with Android and iOS devices, so you can sync it with your gadgets. It supports Apple Healthkit and Google Fit which keeps you in line with your fitness goals.

You can back the project on Indiegogo for $170 and secure your timepiece. Shipping is slated for July 2017, but that might get delayed (assuming from numerous other crowdfunded projects) a bit owing to unforeseen manufacturing roadblocks. If you want to lay your hands on PowerWatch, good news is that it will make appearance at CES 2017 too.

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