Solar-powered fabric developed by University of Central Florida is bliss for wearables

Power storing fabric

With the advent of wearables, the need for battery sources that are small and compact is also paramount. The small size of wearables means the power source also needs to be of comparable size to fit inside the wearable. All of this means a constriction in battery life which is a major roadblock for current age wearables as well as the ones which are getting ready for the future. Keeping this in mind, nanotechnology researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed energy storing fabric.

This fabric has solar energy harvesting textile which stores energy and feeds your wearables without any restrictions. It has thin and lightweight copper filaments which are connected to solar cell and supercapacitor. Together these elements result in energy production which is bliss for wearables.

Power storing fabric_1

According to the developers, this technology will be the most beneficial for army personnel who are constantly out in the sun and need battery power to keep their nifty gadgets running. Associate Professor Jayan Thomas believes that self-charging clothes are going to be the future. He also said that the idea came to him when he thought of mixing energy storage devices and solar cells.

The idea is novel and scientists at University of Central Florida have already come up with the prototype to prove their claims. Proof-of-concept of these woven filaments have successfully been tested in jackets and other outwear.

Source: Nature



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