Google PhotoScan app digitalizes your old photos in the easiest way possible

Google PhotoScan App

All of us have old photos lying in the attic, drawers, bed boxes and places where we imagine they are safe from any physical damage. Perhaps we all think that they won’t be damaged by fungus, fire or water spillage over decades. Most of don’t and go through the tedious process of scanning or re-photographing the old snaps. And who can ignore the flares, glare, unaligned framing and the crooked edges which are so hard to omit from the photo of a photo. Well, Google just made your task a whole lot easier with its new app called PhotoScan.

The idea is to create digital copies of all you old photos in a jiffy without all the hassle. All the photos that you’ll save with Google PhotoScan will be safely organized by Google Photos standalone app. The app makes it surprisingly easy to digitalize your photos in high resolution with no jarred edges, glares or photo orientation errors.

Photos that are scanned can also be edited with auto filters or your preferred settings. And all of this in an intuitive manner. All you have to do is click the old snap from four different focal points and then the PhotoScan app will do the rest. Further, you can make cool edits in the Google Photos anytime you want.

Google PhotoScan app is already up for download (for free) in the Play Store and Apple iTunes. The standalone Google Photos app with the photo editor will roll out later today for both Android and iOS devices.

Source: Google



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