DIY wind-powered turntable, where wind determines speed of the record

wind powered record player

To cut out technology from your record player and make it more environmentally conscious, Popular Science has developed a motor-less turntable that plays music to the tune of wind. Popsci has put out an eight-step guide to building a motor-free, wind-powered record player, which would get occasional diy-ers like myself to sit out on a Sunday building one for themselves. The project is a simple build, and it shouldn’t take you more than $35 and a couple of hours.

The wind-powered record player is cost effective alternative to the expensive turntables that solve the same purpose. The only catch is, the sound of the former depends on speed of the wind. As suggested you can use a fan or AC vent for steady wind pace.

Materials that are required for the project include plywood board, some machine screws, slurpee straws, Styrofoam cups, old headphone cable, cellophane, wire glue and phonograph cartridges. Check out the detailed, step-by-step process of making the wind-powered turntable using these materials here.



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