Apple brings augmented reality to iPhone’s camera app, smart glasses to follow


When Augmented Reality-based Pokemon Go jumped the gun to become the biggest mobile game in the history in under a week of release, Apple’s chief Tim Cook was quick to come out and inform that his company is investing big money into augmented reality. The claims seem to be reaping results – According to Business Insider, Apple is working on integrating augmented reality technology into the iPhone’s camera app. The Cupertino giant has assembled a host of big names from the AR and VR industry and has also recently acquired an AR startup Metaio, all that may be working in tandem to give Apple that extra edge to live up to its claims.

There’s no word on what kind of features to expect with integration of augmented reality into the camera app. But Apple hopes by getting augmented reality to the iPhone, consumers will have able to have an idea of the capabilities of the technology.

With the integration, we believe, Apple is hoping people will be able to point the phone cameras at real world objects and have the camera identify them. The integration could also be helpful in photography (more advanced face recognition) and in navigation in many ways.

This new step is believed to be an addition to the end goal of the company to deliver a pair of smart glasses that pair with the iPhone.

At this point there is no clarity as to when Apple would really introduce AR to iPhone’s camera app, but we believe it would likely be a big upgrade in the next year’s iPhone.

Via: BusinessInsider



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