Atlanta MARTA is the world’s first metro station to have soccer field

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Good news for soccer fans has just come in as they’ll be able to show-off their skills at Atlanta’s MARTA public transit system. Yes you read that right, as Atlanta United Football Club has funded the MARTA public transit system to create the world’s first soccer field inside a metro station. Just imagine the size of this transit system would be so huge that it will fit inside Atlanta’s downtown hub, Five Points. The authorities have done so because they want to encourage Atlanta’s youth to go for sports like soccer.

Station Soccer_7

They call it the Station Soccer, and aptly so. It will be a full blown soccer training field where young kids will start getting exposure for the world popular sports. There will be year round training camps, mentor partnerships and adult leagues for players who are in the right shape to get exposure on the big stage. It will also serve as the base for the local non-profit organization ‘Soccer in the Streets’. Other than the more professional oriented use of the soccer field, people can enjoy the odd game with buddies when they are waiting for the metro to arrive.

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This design will make full use of the metro space at disposal by filling up huge empty areas that otherwise don’t have much use. Station Soccer opened last week and soccer fans are more than happy to visit the metro station to get the feel of the pitch.

Station Soccer

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