Young Pakistani creates his own Tumbler Batmobile to ride the streets

Tumbler Batmobile

Do you think only people in the US are hugely obsessed with fantasy characters and their fancy vehicles? This man from Pakistan will prove all your assumption to be wrong. Meet 26-year old Shaheer Khan who built a fully functional replica of the Batmobile, and it is one of the best I’ve seen so far. Right from his childhood days, the young man was obsessed with superheroes, especially Batman and Tumbler, and what better than making the coolest ride on the planet his own. It took him almost a year to complete the replica of the real Batmobile made from carbon fiber, and his effort has paid off well. It’s worth mentioning that he got able assistance from mechanical engineer Tanveer Ul Haq from Lahore to make the Tumbler come to life.

He modelled it on the real Batmobile Tumbler shown in ‘The Dark Knight’ and a 1.6 scale model created by Parker Brothers Concept in Florida. Shaheer wanted to keep the focus on the replication of the Batmobile and how it drives on the road, therefore he decided to build it without the machine gun, hooks and oil slick dispensers.

He decided to make the interiors according to his liking and the estimations in his mind. As for the exteriors, this Batmobile is near perfect. The vehicle rides on rear machinery tires, while the front tires are salvaged from an aircraft.

Tumbler Batmobile_2

The young lad made this Batmobile entirely from hand without any mechanical assistance which in itself is an achievement. Also, he had no blueprints of the Batmobile and worked on his instinct to craft this intimidating ride. And to complete the look, he even wears the custom made Batsuit while driving this bad ride on the streets.
This ride deserves to go to the Comic Con, what do you guys think?

Tumbler Batmobile by Shaheer Khan from Pakistan

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