Advanced SpectroDrone can detect explosives, drugs or chemicals within 1.8 miles radius


So far, we had a drone that hunts down landmines by detecting and detonating them, using metal detectors and hyperspectral imaging. Now, an Israeli-based security company Laser Detect Systems (LDS) has developed a highly advanced drone “SpectroDrone” that cannot just detect explosives and IEDs, but, as courtesy of advance laser spectrometry techniques, is capable of identifying several materials including narcotics, hazardous chemicals or chemical components, minerals and even some biological components. Apparently, drones  are proving to be much more important than just recreational toys, which is taking a form of nuisance as their number continue to grow.

LDS SpectroDrone from Tamir Eshel on Vimeo.

The drone can do all this accurately from a safe but operational distance of 1.86 miles (approx. 3 kms) away from the site under surveillance. Not only from air, but the drone can be mounted on ground-bases machines for the same purpose. The system is equipped with multiple electro-optical assemblies, laser beams of several wavelengths, a laser rangefinder, high-resolution camera, spectrometers and proprietary algorithms.

We are very excited to unveil this innovative solution for security and anti-terror applications at Israel’s HLS & Cyber,

Said Eli Venezia, LDS founder, and President.

The drone is efficient enough to detect and identify materials in gas, liquid, solid states including in fine powder and bulk.
SpectroDrone Assembly

The drone has taken things little further in the field of surveillance and operation in hazardous and threatening environments like military research or drug bust operations. Further, the technology empowers law enforcement agencies and military to be more accurate about intelligence inputs to avoid false alarms. The drone will accurately detect substances and if it records anomaly, real time visuals of the scene or substance are telecasted to human operators.

SpectroDrone 2

For now, the company used an Airobotics Optimus drone to mount their newly developed technology. The company will debut SepctroDrone system abroad at the HLS & Cyber Expo in Tel Aviv to be held from November 15-16.

When running security, emergency or surveillance missions in an industrial environment, the ability to dynamically and swiftly replace payloads, as well as introduce new innovative ones, is a real step forward. The next generation of security lies in introducing unique technological capabilities, which I believe LDS and Airbotics bring jointly to market,

Says Ran Krauss, CEO, and Co-Founder of Airbotics.

Via: Daily Mail




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