MAX – Flexible and lightweight exoskeleton promises bionic future

MAX exoskeleton_2

Exoskeletons give able mobility to the elderly and people employed in heavy manufacturing industry. But they can be bulky and complicated to use. To make more practical usability of exoskeletons and lend the users ease of use, MAX (Modular Agile eXoskeleton) system is here. This low cost exoskeleton promises ultra-mobility is specially designed for industries where workers have to be in a crouched position.

The man behind this exoskeleton, Homayoon Kazerooni, who is the professor of mechanical engineering at Berkeley has designed it with the vision to make it lightweight and versatile. This exoskeleton is good to ride on a bike, climb stairs or stay in a crouched position for long duration of time. The system kicks into action only when it is needed, and it is powered by and internal power source. Actuators in the exoskeleton provide assistance to reduce the amount of muscle force required, thereby reducing strain.

MAX exoskeleton

MAX has a legX, backX and sholderX system which communicates in tandem, providing dynamic assistance. This means, you can also use independent modules for specific tasks. Kazaerooni has put a lot of work in to the development of this exoskeleton, and the result is a bionic wearable with a promising future.

Homayoon Kazerooni said;

I think we have an obligation to serve the community. This is my vision, to create these bionics at an accessible cost, something that you can wear all day long.

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