Tablets are fast becoming choice device for mobile gaming

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Mobile gaming can be a lot confusing way to play at times. With the ever changing screen sizes of smartphones we see the screens increase, and sometimes decrease with every year’s release. This is often down to the designer’s whim for what is the latest style of phone. It is one reason that tablet is becoming the mobile gaming device of choice because they have almost the same standard size and screen to body ratio. Also, the big screen size means that you have the freedom to explore game interface in a better way.

While smartphones definitely have the power to handle the graphical intensity and power required for the latest poker games, one thing that holds them back is room to move on the screen. On a tablet or even phablet, there is more space for the game and even space for other requirements such as a chatroom screen which can often be included in mobile games.

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Another aspect that is pushing tablet as the number one choice for gamers is the ability to stream games. An example of this is the NVidia Shield which allows players to stream PC games onto their device and to play the game anywhere they choose to. This eliminates the need to be at the computer desk or even your couch when playing the game. In an age when gamers want to be free from all restrictions, this is obviously a welcome addition to the gaming experience.

While tablets may be the choice device for gaming, this doesn’t mean that the smartphone won’t be more suitable, or the device of choice for other games. This is the case with games like Candy Crush Saga which are easy to use on smartphones, and also on tablets. The main improvement for players is that they now have the choice to play as they want to.

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