A 72-year-old Japanese man builds special wheelchair to take his wife on walks

Japanese man builds special Wheelchair
“Elders are archaic” is a general notion, but it’s not entirely applicable to those who are motivated by love. We had seen a Indian youth building a voice-controlled wheelchair for his grandfather. Now, we have Mr Tan Ban Ho, a 72-years-old retiree who has designed and assembled a set-up involving a wheelchair and a $600 unicycle. Now, he can take his wife on walks everyday without worrying about his own exertion as he is old too. He is a retired ITE lecture (electronics) and he used his experience to find this solution. The setup is working perfectly for the couple.

Mr. Tang has also installed a shade for his wife and polyvinyl chloride pipe that can hold an umbrella over his head. The also gave the unicycle a metal and wooden ramp so that it could be held upright when it’s not in use.

Madam Loh Yock Yeng, 71-years-old woman had married him in 1970 following a long affair that had begun at school. Her wife was completely healthy and a full of life person. But she was diagnosed with severe form of dementia in 2006. It is incurable according to doctors, not even with medication.

At first, I didn’t understand what she meant when she said she wanted to go out, and she would throw tantrums at home. A few months after her diagnosis, when I finally took her out on a wheelchair, we walked on a park connector for about 5km. She became very calm and happy, but the skin on my soles tore,

Mr. Tang said while narrating his story.

Japanese man builds special Wheelchair 3

She doesn’t remember anything now and even mistake her husband for her father. Mr. Tang realized that taking her out gives her relief and calm her down. But soon he realized that his old-age is preventing him to serve his wife. So, to avoid exhaustion during walks, he prepared this setup.

Earlier this year, I thought of riding an electric unicycle behind the wheelchair so it would be faster and more efficient,

he said.

He became a centre of attention as he was frequently seen taking his wife on walk on his own DIY customized wheelchair setup. The Facebook Page of Ministry of Health’s ‘Successful Ageing Singapore’ program also acknowledged Mr. Tan’s dedication to her wife that inspired him to come out with such creative solution.

I want her to tell her again that I still love you even if she doesn’t remember anymore,

said Mr. Tang when asked what he would like her wife to remember.

Via: Straits Times



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