Robot attack on display booth at Hi-Tech Fair leaves one injured

Robot Attack At China Hi-Tech Fair

After an 8 meter tall robotic dinosaurs torn apart an employee in Japan, in first-of-its-kind incident, a robot has caused injury to a human at an exhibition in China. The person received enough injury to land him in hospital and get his skin stitched up. The man was discharged after treatment, but this robotic assault has made news.

According to sources, a robot named Xia Pang smashed into glass at the China Hi-Tec Fair in Shenzhen. Xiao Pang was developed for children aged between four and 12. The robot was supposed to interact with children with display of emotional expression through a display including anger.

Further, as per reports, Xiao Pang was seen displaying expression through frowning face with remorse.
While it’s being claimed to be first of its kind incident in China, the true culprit behind the crime has been identified. Behind entire episode of ‘robot causing injury to a human’ has also been identified. This robot was an educational instrument that can be purchased for 13,000 yuan (US$1,890).

The culprit has been identified as the exhibitor who was controlling the Xiao Pang – a human.

Well, it wasn’t a result of error in programming. The guy just hit the forward button instead of reverse. Actually, the robot (exhibitor) accidently smashed the glass and piece of it injured a passer-by. Though, there is no guarantee of future, so far there is no need to worry about invasion of AI. The control of robots still remains in human-hands.




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