High-end fashion meets iPhone charging trench coat

Junya Watanable solar panel charger coat_5

With winter approaching and your iPhone battery constantly dying, a Japanese designer – Junya Watanable, one of the world’s most esoteric designer, has come-up with an Avant-grade interpretation of both formal and functional wearable tech. The clothing is in the form of a fall/winter collection 2016. It’s a trench coat with embedded solar panels that can charge a smartphone, and also beat the chill of winter days. The jacket features six solar panels, two up front and four on the back, ensuring the longevity of your iPhone battery through a hidden built-in charging unit. Without compromising the attractiveness of the garment, this trench coat is the perfect example of wearable technology, and inseparable relationship between humans and their smartphones.

Junya Watanable solar panel charger coat

This solar paneled coat can really be considered as a striking breakthrough in making our day-to-day life easier. The trench coat aims to provide faster access to smartphones and keep the user connected most of the time, regardless if he is travelling in a city or on a trekking trip in some far flung area. The only drawback of this wearable technology is an over cast sky, as it requires sunshine to provide juice for your smartphone.

The idea of technology becoming wearable is cool, as it serves many purposes, right from tracking and monitoring to optimizing and offering convenient solution to common problems. The solar-powered jacket is scheduled to hit the shelves in July 2016, and you can nab one for a price tag of $2480.

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