AirSelfie: A tiny selfie-drone that fits in your pocket

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A special, ultra-portable selfie drone is seen inviting backers on Kickstarter. The drone – the AirSelfie features a 5 megapixel camera and HD video recording, and is small enough to carry in regular smartphone case that fits in your pocket. The little drone is specifically developed to provide wider frame for group selfies or in situations where even selfie sticks are not sufficient.

Owing to its tiny-size, the battery storage capacity can allow AirSelfie to fly for only three minutes, which is sufficient for a selfie. User can control it with a mobile app (Android or iOS) in three different modes. The navigation is kept simple and minimum to make it user-friendly. You just need to hold it on your palm while operating your smartphone with other hand. Once the mission is accomplished, user can pluck it right from air and put back in the case that charges it again in just 30 minutes.
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The drone can fly up to 20 meters height, which good enough considering its purpose. The moment you get a good frame, the drone will start hovering autonomously in almost every environment (outdoor and indoor) to facilitate a selfie click.AirSelfie Drone

The manufacturer is inviting limited number of 1,000 backers to support the crowdfunding campaign by pledging $190. For retail, the price would much higher at $287.

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Smartphones have high-resolution front cameras to facilitate selfie moments. The trend of selfies has taken the form of frenzy and people have even lost their life taking selfies. AirSelfie isn’t the first one of its kind.

Others like Yuneec’s Breeze and Zero – Zero Robotics (self-flying) Hover-Camera are also similar concepts. However, the AirSelfie appears to be the smallest and most convenient so far.  In brief, you can imagine an upcoming ‘selfie drone nuisance’ in bars, cafes, beaches, or anywhere there is a possibility of selfie. It sounds like a terribly nice idea.

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