Spirit E666 earbuds make you look like an Elf

Spirit e666 elf earphones_2

Music is life, and you do want to invest in a pair of headphones/earphones which sound good. There are many good sounding headphones, and many good looking ones too in the market. It must be said, when you do find a pair of headphones that are perfect, you find yourself encapsulated in your favorite music like never before. However, there are people who want to stand out in the crowd while listening to music. And believe you me, these headphones dubbed Spirit E666 will turn eyeballs.

Spirit e666 elf earphones_1

They make you look like Elf, and you won’t want to wear them on your date. That said, you can sport these headphones occasionally. Audiophiles with a mischievous personality will like the Spirit E666 headphones developed somewhere in China. And that doesn’t come as a surprise as we are accustomed to seeing unique looking gadgets and accessories from the Far East.

The headphones have goblin ears attached to a pair of earbuds which fit inside your ear. If you are looking to buy this accessory, keep in mind that the earphones will go well with light skin tone.

How good they sound is another thing, and it’s not clear as there is not much information on their specification. For 99 Yuan ($14.50) you can buy them right away from Taobao.

Spirit e666 elf earphones

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