Why over 95% phones sold in Japan are waterproof?


Why Japanese phones are waterproofJapan has been manufacturing and using waterproof phones, we can say, since the dawn of cellphones while it started trending in the western world not long ago. About 95 percent of cellphones sold in Japan are waterproof. It’s a sort of mandatory requisite in Japan for a cellphone to be waterproof or they stand no chance in the Japanese market at all. Why do you think LG didn’t launch it modular G5 phone in Japan? That’s because for modular units it’s almost impossible (so far) to be waterproof.

For a smaller Korean brand like LG, we need to be able to check all the key boxes to be as attractive as possible to Japanese consumers.

Said Ken Hong, LG’s global communications director.

The logic behind this waterproof policy is peculiar: woman in Japan are so obsessed with cellphones that they often use it in shower. That’s right. The motivation behind developing water-proof cellphones decades earlier than western world is attachment of Japanese women to their cellphones.

This newly discovered fact about Japanese cellphone market is doing rounds on blogosphere.

Anyway, the trend of waterproof phones had began with 2005’s Casio Canu 502S aka G’zOne. In 2010, Motorola had also joined the league with its Android-based Dey. In 2014, Samsung introduced its Galaxy S5 as a high-end waterproof device followed by Samsung Note 7. Apple was late, but it did introduce the feature in iPhone 7.

Of course, it costs extra to include reliable waterproof feature.

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