Kwiggle folding bike is that last mile commuter you were waiting for


If you’re looking for a serious last mile commuting option, the Kwiggle is a good option. Yes there are many similar folding bikes out there, but this one makes the cut for being there amid the best because after about three years into make and brake, the wonderful foldable bike is finally headed for Kickstarter to realize its dream. That’s a lot of patience considering that there are new similar bikes rolling into the market every now and then.

The Kwiggle, as NewAtlas rightly says, is like a cross between a bicycle, a scooter and a unicycle. It feature a small stand seat, which is there more for support than a place to sit. The developers believe, this is better than everyday saddle-equipped bikes, since this riding position is better for the back and less strenuous on the shoulder and arms.


The Kwiggle measures 21.7 x 15.7 x 9.8 in when folded up and weighs only 8.5kg, so you can carry into the train or up the office steps to your cubical. The weight is managed by the wrought-alloy aluminum construction and the bike has all the features including wheel guards and larger air tires.

Kwiggle is scheduled to launch the Kickstarter campaign on December 1.





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