Autonomous mobility scooter for smartphone-obsessed walkers

Autonomous Mobility Scooter

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has come up with another terrifying as well as futuristic mobility concept for people who remain engrossed in their smart-devices all the time. Researchers claim that it will help curbing accidents on footpath caused by phone-obsessed walkers. Seriously, it looks like first prototype of futuristic “digital lounge” featured in one of the best animated films “Wall E”. If you have watched the movie, you must be aware what long term dependence on these “digital lounges” did to the people at the end. That was simply dread.

It’s a one-seater, four wheeled autonomous scooter that weighs only 110 lbs (50 kg). It can move at maximum speed of 4 mph (6 kmh) using laser sensors that help in navigating around obstacles. Researchers have run successful tests on campus and concluded that it would be a milestone in improving mobility for all ages, reduce the need of cars along with cutting down accident rates.

I’m sure you have experienced people who just use their handphone while walking, and almost run into you … so it would be nice if you are just sitting down and checking your emails. We just give you more choices,

Said NUS associate professor and project leader.
Autonomous Digital Scooter

The scooter is meant for narrow paths with no access to larger vehicles. The team is sure that the scooter will be able to work in tandem with other autonomous or driverless vehicles in Singapore.

The logic is simple: people are so addicted to smart-devices that they would run into each other while walking and using their devices at the same time. In country like India, people can be seen crossing roads with their eyes stuck on smartphones.
Mobility Scoooter Singapor University

So, instead of telling people to be careful, modern technology has extended an arrangement that will deprive them of walking. TV and electronics has already pushed new generation indoor, and now technology has come up with a solution to utilize the time wasted in walking. How does it sound to you?

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