DroneGun – A scary anti-drone gun to deal with drone-nuisance

Drone GunDroneShield is already known for its line of countermeasures against unwanted drone flights over restricted or private places. After acoustic-based technology that can detect any drone entering anywhere near its 2kms radius, the company has now introduced the DroneGun. It appears to be expensive as well as bulky gun-like equipment and can bring down variety of drones using various jamming technologies including 2.4 gigahertz and 5.8 gigahertz frequency bands. It can also jam GPS and GLONASS. The DroneGun doesn’t causes damage to drones. Rather, it brings down the drone on ground or at its starting point safely.

The gun weighs about 13.2 pounds and has a range of 2 kms. The gun is battery operated and offers a operational backup of upto 2 hours.

Development and entry of drones into consumer market was a milestone achievement that was appraised by all sections of tech-community. But now, small, affordable drones are so easily available that it has now taken a form of drone-nuisance.  Breach of privacy is one aspect of it while congestion of airspace due to drones poses threat for aircrafts. If a drone can be crafted to fire a handgun, then there is every reason to worry about human lives and countermeasures to check such threats.

The drone-age has come with its own disadvantages including terror threats. Official agencies now consult companies like DroneShield during important events and large gatherings. Although, countries like US and Australia do not permit (other than government agencies) use of jamming technologies to take down drones. However, the DroneGun has a potential global market searching countermeasures to deal with unauthorized and unregulated drone usage.

Rather, the countermeasures had also begun to surface since past couple of years. For instance, there is the DroneDefender that can shoot a concentrated radio frequency to disrupt the functioning of UAV in range of 400 meters and bring it on ground.

Drone Munition 12 gauge 3” can shot rounds to shoot down any unauthorized spying activities by drone. Icarus Box can hijack and snatch control of any drone (using popular DSMx radio platform) from a user.

There is even a Bazooka like drone catcher called Skywall 100.  Then, there is a Drone Catcher that itself is a drone which shoots a 12 meter net attached to the UAV by a string, and once the tarnished drone is captured the culprit.

Via: Business Insider



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