Is Apple iPhone 8 coming with 3D photography camera?

Apple iPhone 8 camera 3D photography

Apple is always pitching unique features in its mobile devices, and for their next iteration the Cupertino giant is readying a complete redesign. Rumor already has it that the company is looking to join the big phablet trend for its iPhone 8 design. Now, another news has just arrived which reveals Apple’s plans to introduce a 3D photography camera being developed in partnership with LG Innotek. Apparently the company is also supplying Apple the iPhone 7 camera.

Already, Apple has filed quite a numerous patents for gesture recognition and 3D object mapping along with patents 3D camera. The idea is to use microlenses, luminance sensors and chrominance sensors to lend facial recognition and 3D modelling of scanned objects. Also, they acquired Israeli start-up LinX for US $20 million earlier last year. Their USP is to add more depth to photos by separating the digital image into three parts.

The camera will make use of parallax effect to further enhance the 3D photography properties of the camera. In all likelihood, Apple will make use of dual camera lens to provide added depth to the 3D photography images.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sales have not been as expected by Apple, and the pressure to offer something unique in the next iPhone version is immense. 3D photography could be their best bet to lure prospective Apple iPhone 8 buyers next year.

Via: KoreanEconomicDaily



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