iPhone 7 put to extreme tests – Did it survive them all?

Extreme iPhone 7 and 7 Plus tests

Just like every new Apple phone that debuts in the market, iPhone 7 too couldn’t escape from the extreme brutality people put it through. In a way it is good, since it gives the prospect buyers a good idea of the device’s strength and durability. iPhone 6 turned out to quite durable in the relentless tests it was put through by Youtubers around the globe. Their motive? Well, there is only one motive for all the extreme tests. That being raking up as many views as possible.

So let’s cut straight to the chase and have a look at some of the most excruciating tests the poor iPhone 7 and 7 Plus had to go through.

WARNING: Don’t try and emulate any of the given below tests on iPhone 7 as they can damage your device which may not be covered under guarantee/warranty from Apple.

# Scratch and bend test

The first test that every new Apple iPhone version has to go through is the bend test. After the bendgate issue it’s become a usual affair to get the bend test done first hand. So, let’s see what scratch and bend resistance iPhone 7 puts up.

# Aquarium drop test

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus both come with IP67 waterproof rating which means that this accidental drop of the Apple device won’t create much problem. Have a look at the video.

# The cola test

A 24 hour cola test with four different soda flavors. This sounds lame and laughable, but people just can’t help but come up with unique ways to test the iPhone 7.

# Boiling hot water test

Now we are coming to the more serious stuff. Dropping an iPhone 7 into a boiling pot of hot water will be a rare occurance, but it is probable in this strange world. Have a look if your iPhone 7 will survive the heat.

# iPhone 7 trapped in rubber

Although this won’t happen by any stretch of imagination, but what’s the harm in trying. Will iPhone 7 be able to come out alive after being trapped in rubber? Let’s see.

# iPhone 7 vs a strong acid

Pouring the world’s strongest acid (most corrosive on the planet) on iPhone 7 surely stacks the odds against the phone. But you’ll be bamboozled by what you see in the video below.

# Molten gold poured on iPhone

Pouring molten gold on any phone is too harsh for the device, and should not be a parameter to test its durability. Have a look at how the iPhone takes on the heat and is pretty hard to knock out even though it is completely annihilated.

# Deep water test

If you want to seriously know the iPhone 7’s waterproofing capabilities, then you need to look at this video. [EverythingApplePro] got down to testing the device to the depths of a lake and found out its breakeven point.

# Insane drop test

Dropping an iPhone 7 from the world’s tallest buildings can have just one outcome. Have a look at this crazy video testing the device endurance in the most extreme way possible.

# Liquid nitrogen test

iPhone 7 dropped in liquid nitrogen will have only one outcome. Total damage. But can the iPhone 7 be different?

# Space drop test

What’s the ultimate drop test for anything on this planet? Well, a drop from the Earth’s atmosphere. Watch if iPhone 7 survived this extreme test of them all.



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