MySight360 – A hands-free, 4K VR camera with 240° fisheye lens

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A team of self-claimed tech-savvy engineers is currently inviting backers for their crowdfunding campaign. In return, they are offering the “MySight360” – a hands-free, high-definition VR camera with 240 degree frame. It can record videos on 4K quality and connect to user’s smartphone with a simple app via built-in WiFi. User can quickly edit the videos to share on social media or can go live as well. It reminds us of Frodo developed by India-based Next Gear. 

mysight360 camera
The fisheye camera can be simply clipped on anything including bicycles, motorbikes, helmets, backpacks etc. at any angle. Included horizontal calibrator provides additional stability to videos that makes it perfect for hikers or mountain bikers. An included snapshot function automatically records for 10 seconds every 3 minutes to optimize battery consumption. The battery offers a recording-time of about 15 hours, which sounds enough.

The MySight360 also allow user to create immersive VR experience. The equipment is splash proof and dust proof. It’ll come with Micro SDXC and Micro USB connectivity.
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If the videos and specification given by the team on Kickstarter is to be believed, then the MySight360 sounds like an excellent solution from those who hate carrying bulky and delicate camera equipments on hiking or other adventure trips. Moreover, a step ahead from GoPro-like options, this cam allows quick editing and sharing of content.
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The project isn’t live yet, but the team has uploaded a draft of it. Of course, early birds would be offered. You can grab detailed information on the Kickstarter crowdfunding page for more clarity on the concept.

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