Watch hydraulic press crushing a $40,000, 24 Karat Gold Bar

Gold Bar Crushed under Hydraulic PressPeople on social media love to watch random things of daily use getting destroyed just for the sake of recreation. For instance, Pressit has taken an expensive leap in hydraulic crushing. This time it was a USD $40,000, 24 Karat Gold Bar that was put under the hydraulic press. Crushit took its time and repeated the process multiple times and recorded it from different angles. The Gold Bar appeared to be flowing n molten state when it was crushed. You should better take a look at it to extract complete satisfaction.

Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube had taken humankind’s natural inclination toward destruction of natural as well as man-made objects on a new level. The idea was a hit. Put random objects including expensive mobiles phones under hydraulic press, record the crusher press them to extreme point. Some objects explode, others flow like fluid, and some make crackling sounds.

Similarly, Crushit is also taking liberty to recording results of subjecting random objects to extreme pressure using a hydraulic press.  The YouTube channel has tried coins, helmets, lighters, deodorant bottles, golf-balls, snooker balls etc.

The gold bar trick was the most expensive, claims Crushit. The Gold Bar was provided by Baird & Co. and the host has advertised it aptly during the process. Unlike electronics that can’t be reclaimed once destroyed under a hydraulic press, the Gold Bar can be reclaimed without any loss of precious metal.

Despite being peculiar and useless activity, audience finds these videos addictive and can’t help the curiosity to watch what happens when something is crushed under a hydraulic press. The obsession of video-makers hasn’t taken on to living form yet, and we hope it’ll never happen for just recreation purpose. You know, like crushing an animal skull or earthworms. Would you like that?

Anyway, this isn’t the only way to feed the hunger and obsession from destruction. People have found other ways like lining up all iPhone models and shooting them with a AK-47.




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