eBay’s emotionally-powered shop uses bio-analytic technology to decode consumer’s facial expression

ebay emotionally powered shop

‘The Ultimate do good, feel good Shop” – a pop-up shop in London is featuring eBay’s latest emotionally- powered technology that uses advanced bio-analytics to decode facial expression along with measuring other biometrics. The consumer enters a booth that is designed to offer relief from shopping stress during Christmas season. Consumer is shown images of 12 different products on a screen, one by one. A headphone plays instruction is a very calm voice. The customer is required to provide name, email, address, age and gender before proceeding further. Each image is shown for 10 seconds only. A hidden camera located right below the screen recognizes even slight changes in micro-expressions.

A fixture at the back of the shop contains the Emotional Tapestry that consists of a 20 square metre projected visualization. The visualization displays aggregation of emotional responses by the consumer to each product. The collected data is analyzed and the user is informed through a mail to which product he/she responded most positively.

ebay emotionally powered shop 2

The entire concept is based on eBay’s research on emotional behavior of consumers displayed during Christmas shopping. The research had claimed that heart-rate of the shopper rises 33 percent than normal due to stress experienced in making choices. The research had also claimed that it takes 32 minutes before Christmas shoppers hit a “wall of disenchantment” and lose interest and emotional attachment to the gifts they are choosing. To reduce this stress, eBay has extended support to help customers decide what they should buy as a Christmas gift.

This technology was developed by Lightwave.

We are using some really advanced technology that’s measuring facial motions, and micro-expressions – all different ways that you might subconsciously react to a product,

Said Rana June, CEO at Lightwave.

The technology is in its initial stages and the Shop is open for only two days in London. However, it strongly suggests a futuristic way of shopping that is likely to become common in near future. Rest, the reviews from the subjects are not available to comment more on this subject. Of course, the assistance is useful for only those who are indecisive about their own likes and dislikes.

The ultimate do good, feel good

Via: Irish Examiner



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