LG could launch a line of smartwatches with its own payment system in 2017

LG smartwatch

According to a report on GSMinfo, LG could be on the way to launch a new line of smartwatches integrated with LG’s own payment system. This information comes through an application LG has submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office to safeguard WatchStyle, Watch Pro, Watch Force, and Watch Sole names, what could probably be names of LG’s forthcoming smartwatches.

LG has not disclosed any information about the names it has asked to protect. And has also not given out any word on what these products could be. But given the names, it is easy to comprehend that these are supposed names of smartwatches that would be designed to communicate with smartphones.

GSMinfo informs, these smartwatches could rollout as early as 2017, along with LG’s new G6 smartphone.

LG Pay – company’s on payment service, called Watch Pay, has been in the pipeline for long. There have been rumors in South Korea that LG’s payment service could rollout at the same time as the LG G6.



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