Make this funny LED Christmas hat at home for less than $10

LED Chirstmas Hat

It’s December, and people are already getting in the mood for the festive season with DIY creations which are eye-catchy. Some are making cool Christmas trees while others beautifying their interiors and exteriors in festive spirit. So what do you expect from a geek to this Christmas? Maybe a hat embellished with lighting all over. And that is exactly what Imgur user [dstilgar] has come up with. The DIYer got hold of last year’s 30-inch tall hat he bought from Primark for $3, and turned it into a geeky wearable for this Christmas Eve.

LED Chirstmas Hat_2

No doubt he likes to call it “Dumb Hat. Let’s make it dumber!” because it does look funny, before and after the remake. For this intermediate level DIY, he got some 50 odd RGB LEDs from Amazon for $7. Then he got a battery pack and attached it to the array of LEDs connected with a thin wire. Attaching the battery to the top of the hat seemed like a good idea, and that’s what he did.

Then he did the less hassle-free task of wrapping around the LEDs around the long hat. In the end it turned out to a fruitful DIY which is no more than 1-2 hours of task.

Perhaps you can also try out making it yourself at home, and spice-up your Christmas. After all, nothing is more precious than making your family and friends have a good laugh over your funny look.

LED Chirstmas Hat_4

LED Chirstmas Hat_6

LED Chirstmas Hat_7

LED Chirstmas Hat_1



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