Official Star Wars drones (crafts) can fly and shoot laser cannons for real

star wars drone

Next generation of toys is apparently revolutionized by advent of drone technologies.  The dreams of children obsessed with Star Wars icons have come true. Toy drone maker Propel has joined Lucasfilm for manufacturing of official quadcopter versions of Starfighters and other crafts like Tie Fighter, X-Wing Starfighters, Speeder Bike etc.  Along with serving the purpose of being memorabilia, these drones are meant to recreate Star Wars dog fights indoor.  These Starfighters can fly, hover, and shoot green and red colored lasers. Included sensors can detect hits taken by a craft and switch to crash mode. It sounds awesome, right?

Advance drone pilots can enjoy dog-fights at maximum speed of 35 miles per hour if they have big enough indoor space. For amateurs, it offers training mode in which the pilot can learn to control the craft in air, take aim, and shoots.

Star Wars Drone by propel

Even the packaging boxes have their own batteries that turn on pedestal lights and soundtracks when you uncover them.  The toys are available for $239.99 from Friday. You can purchase them from Bed, Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, and Disney Store.

The pack will contain two lithium ion batteries, a USB charging cable, partially transparent and thin spare blades and laser cannons.

For 2017, Propel may roll out most popular Star Wars model: the Millennium Falcon.

Propel Star Wars Drones

Via: PC Mag



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