‘ReMarkable Paper Tablet’ lets user enjoy experience of writing or sketching on a real paper  

remarkable-frontpageReMarkable – a Norwegian tech startup has rolled out a digital notebook ‘Paper Tablet’ featuring E-Ink display and allow user to do everything that can be done on a normal paper with a pen or pencil.  The main idea is to deliver an experience and ease that the reader or writer feels while using normal papers.  The tablet can only support PDF, eBooks, and Documents and allow user to create or edit documents stored in 8GB of internal storage.

The company claims it has solved the low-processing problem found in available E-Ink displays. Also, the pen (styles) doesn’t require battery to operate, thus, no worry about charging it.  Also, it doesn’t require Bluetooth pairing. The stylus sports 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and features high-friction pen tip.
Remarkable Paper Tablet 2
The device doesn’t use glass at all in its 10.3” E-Ink display that offers a 1872X1404 pixel resolution. The tablet run on the Linux-based Codex OS optimized for low-latency and packs a 1GHz ARM A9 processor, 512 RAM in addition to mentioned 8GB of internal storage.  A 3,000 Ah-battery offers enough juice for couple of days on single charge.
Remarkable Paper Tablet 3

The device measures 177x256x6.7 mm and weighs about 350 grams, which sounds little bulky. Currently, the device can read and write English language only but is likely to adapt to other languages as well in future. On pre-order, you can buy one unit for $359. After the stock is released into markets during second half of 2017, same device would cost $529. ReMarkable is also offering a Stylus and Folio Case for $79 per unit.
Remarkable Paper Tablet

Though, it is not a comparative replacement for normal paper that is cheaper and easily available, the future generations will definitely see better, then, and lighter digital tablets that will replace paper books and notebooks once for all.
Remarkable Paper Tablet 4

Via: The Verge



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