Reason behind iPhone 6s battery issue finally revealed by Apple

Apple iPhone 6s battery issue

Lately, Apple has had a rough time with its iPhone 6s models which are prone to mysterious shut downs. This was presumed to be a battery issue and Apple owed an explanation. The Cupertino giant however subdued the issue with recall of handsets facing this problem. Now, the company has finally revealed what the issue actually is. But strangely they have only revealed it the users in China.

Apple’s Chinese website clearly explains that some of the iPhone 6s devices manufactured in September and October 2015 had a malfunctioning battery component. This was due to over exposure to controlled ambient air before installation into the battery pack. This resulted in battery degradation which is far worse than in a normal battery.

However there is no safety issue as such, since the device shuts down to protect the hardware from damage. These shutdowns can also occur in case there is a drastic temperature drop or rise of the device. To protect the device from damage as a result of low voltage, it shuts down automatically.

Apple admits that there is a small batch of these devices which have battery issue, and didn’t reveal how many.

If you are also experiencing battery issues, then you need to visit the nearest Apple outlet to ensure that your battery is not affected by this issue. In case it is from the same batch Apple is going to replace it without any questions.

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