British researchers developing super-efficient battery of the future

Battery charging

Time has come when battery power is going to be one of your basic need, owing to the amount of time we spend with our gadgets. The craving to develop a battery source which lasts longer and requires far less time to charge is paramount. Researchers around the globe have been trying desperately to find that magic material which makes current battery charging methods look trivial.

Well, British researchers may have finally found the mojo for an invisible battery which allows us to charge gadgets (even EVs) in just a few minutes with the promise of a long battery backup.

If the researchers are to be believed, in two years’ time we’ll have battery power system which is 1,000 – 10,000 times more powerful than the current supercapacitors. Also, these batteries will charge up in just a few seconds which is a great boon for power hungry devices of the new age.

According to Brendan Howlin, from the University of Surrey, their new plastic electrolyte material will take batteries to a whole new level. The technique used to create this magic battery material is same as the one used to manufacture contact lenses.

Dr Ian Hamerton, reader in polymers and composite materials from Bristol University’s Department of Aerospace Engineering, said;

While this research has potentially opened the route to very high density supercapacitors, these polymers have many other possible uses in which tough, flexible conducting materials are desirable, including bioelectronics, sensors, wearable electronics, and advanced optics.

This new researcher is going to pave way for a revolution in powering your gadgets, wearables and electric cars which all goes well for the future. Since the researchers want to keep the materials used and their technology a secret for now, therefore, we’ll have to wait for two years or so for the prototype or even a real battery system to emerge.

Via: DailyMail



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