Apple’s first real hint on its ambition to develop self-driving car

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Since the deployment of Project Titan, Apple’s separate organization to develop automotive projects – Apple has been rigorously working on a future self-driving car. The Cupertino tech giant had been secretive about the project until recently when the company gave out a strongest hint through a letter submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In the letter signed by Steven Kenner, Apple’s Head of Product Integrity, Apple has provided suggestion on the Federal Automated Vehicle Policy released earlier this year. The automated vehicle guidelines have previously received feedback from Google and Ford – two companies that are amid the autonomous car manufacturers.

Through the letter Apple informs, the company is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation. It is excited with the potential of automated system in various areas including transportation.

This may be the first real hint that Apple is working on an autonomous car project, but the rumors about Apple’s ambitious autonomous electric car have been circulating for a few years now.

Apple has remained tightlipped since it is looking to enter the autonomous car market with a bang like it did with the iPhone for the mobile market. For this the company has been hiring top level brains from automotive and artificial intelligence domains. In fact Steven Kenner, who has signed the Apple’s letter to NHTSA is former global director of automotive safety at Ford.

The recent reports suggest Apple is not building its own self-driving electric car instead it is planning to design underlying technologies for autonomous vehicles of the future.

Unlike Google, Ford and other big names in the self-driving car space have urged NHTSA to roll back the guidelines to mandate company to share data and safety regulations, but Apple’s letter says, the company is ok with sharing data. It urges the authorities to treat established and new manufacturers in the self-driving space to be treated equally and also demands change in the restriction of testing of underdevelopment cars on public roads.

Via: Reuters/Jalopnik



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