Raptor – AR smartglasses project real-time data to riders without obstructing view

Eyesight AR SmartglassesEverysight, a part of Israel’s largest defense technology contractor Elbit Systems, has revealed Raptor – augmented reality smartglasses with a view equivalent to fighter jet display.  The glasses offer on-lens projections. The smartglasses are primarily developed with an aim to enhance performance and training of cyclists and triathletes.  The concept is to enable the user to view all critical information in real time like turn-by-turn naviation, time, distance, speed, heart rate, cadence, power without making him look at some other display, without obstruction.

The glasses can collate with several integrated sensors , which can read heart-rate to body temperature, right in front of the eye instead of occupying a region on the glass.

The available smartglasses create obstruction in view and distracts rider.

Current smartglasses obstruct the rider’s vision. The Raptor provides riders with a true augmented reality experience by floating information crisply and directly before the eye without blocking an athlete’s vision, meaning they can safely access and analyze vital information on the go and maximize their performance,

claimed Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO of Everysight.

Eyesight AR Smartglasses4

Rider can control functions like maps, volumes, brightness, communication etc. either via a control panel on handlebar or use voice command or by a simple swipe on the touch pad located on the temples of the glasses.

The date can be transferred to smartphone through accompanying Android or iOS apps for post-event analysis. The glasses also allow user to record high-resolution videos. All the data can be shared all popular social media.

As a cycling coach, the ability to have all your metrics in front of you without having to take your eyes off the road is incredible…looking straight through the data, it’s amazing, and it’s so much safer and clearly the future of cycling,

said Simon Kessler, a professional coach in Florida.
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Before launching the product in consumer market, Everysight is gearing up for a free test pilot program for Raptor that’ll set to run through three months in 2017.  Interested riders can give it a shot by applying for a spot in the program through the official website. So far, no there are no words on release date or cost.

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