British veteran makes his own Spitfire aircraft at home

Alan James homemade Spitfire aircraft_5

When we talk of DIYs, making a functional aircraft at home is regarded as one of the most difficult task. That’s the reason why this homemade Spitfire by 63-year old Alan James from England is so special. Embarking on this project was not easy for him as he had to search across Europe for the specialist parts required to make it. After putting numerous hours and almost £18,000 into building the homemade Spitfire, James now flies proudly in his aircraft. Mind you, it took him almost three years to build this masterpiece.

Iconic Spitfire plane saw the extremities of World War Two, and getting a flight on the real one was really difficult. So, James decided to make one in his home in Reading. He bought a 100hp Rolls Royce engine from Netherlands and a set of wheels on eBay for his plane. Other than that he made the fuselage, wings and propellers for the plane by himself.

Alan James homemade Spitfire aircraft

Since flying a plane in any part of the globe is not that easy, James had to grind through the strict rules of Civil Aviation Authority. And after all the hassle he now flies his custom-made machine in the skies over his hometown. The plane has also been tested by ex-RAF test pilot, James himself has clocked more than 60 hours.
Alan made it into a single seater plane as his 59-year old wife Margaret and daughter Debbie, 29-years old, were not much involved in the project.

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He exclaimed his elation by expressing;

In fact, it’s probably the only one that’s flying in the world today and I feel very proud to be the builder and pilot of this aircraft. I found the whole project challenging and very satisfying and now I’m flying most weekends. It’s a little scary but I am getting used to doing aerobatics. I’m also training for my ‘Display Authority’ to enable me to show it.

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