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Do you know that the air inside your home can be more polluted that the outside air? The tiny, invisible particles of pollution can trigger severe health hazards like asthma, allergies, lung problems, chronic headaches and frequent dizziness. BRISE, is an intelligence air purifier that takes charge of the air you and your loved ones breathe indoors. Plus it will blend perfectly to your home décor, with its aesthetic looks.

Its six-layer air purifying system ensures optimal filtration efficiency at any point of time. Photo catalyst technology fitted inside it destroys harmful bio-organic compounds. And an advanced and efficient DC motor of BRISE can deliver over 65 liters of clean air per second, making your indoor environment safe and breathable for your kids.

Its four advanced built-in sensors can detect dust, VOC’s, temperature and humidity; and give you the liberty to have preferred room conditions. This air purifier can also be connected to the internet via WiFi to keep you informed about the indoor and outdoor air quality, even when it’s not turned on.

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BRISE is equipped with a standard filter that is designed with intelligent system that informs you when the filter needs to be changed. This advanced air purifier can adapt and adjust its filtration efficiency to provide your indoors with the best quality environment possible, without straining your wallet. Compatibility with BRISE app makes sure you stay connected with your BRISE air purifier all the times.

Brise air purifier

The company has mentioned it as an intelligent home guardian, which can be used in your home or in your working environment, to maximize fresh and healthy air to breathe in. BRISE is up on Kickstarter, looking up for backers for mass production and you can join this venture by backing BRISE for a minimum amount of €339. Shipping is expected to arrive in April 2017 in select countries only.

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