Nintendo’s Super Mario Run: Must-have arcade game for your iPhone 7

Nintendo Super Mario Run

Alright, so it’s almost less than a week before your have the official Nintendo Super Mario Run game on your iPhone. The iOS app will launch on 15 December 2016, and already there is hype over this arcade running adventure game. Since, Mario has been the popular game of the 90s, the nostalgic feeling of playing it on your mobile device is making everyone go wild.

Nintendo has released the official gameplay video of the game for iPhone, and by the looks of it, Super Mario Run is a simpler version of its arcade machine version. The idea is to play it with a single hand, as Mario runs automatically. All you have to do is master the timing of your taps on the screen to jump or perform other in-game actions.

While doing all this you have to collect coins, get power-ups and grab hold of hard to find gems. Super Mario Run is played in portrait mode, making it easy for on-the-go mobile phone gamers to enjoy the game anywhere they want.

Going with the popular multi-player scenarios, you can compete with friends in Toad Rally mode. You’ll play against the ghosted version of your friend’s avatar, and the goal is to finish in the fastest time possible with stylish moves. The winner will get currency as reward, and that can be used to buy stuff to build the Mario-themed kingdom.

The game will be free for download in the iTunes Store, but after a few levels (four) you’ll need to pay a one-time price of $9.99 to play other levels. Android users will have to wait for a little while before the game hits their devices too.

Clearly, Nintendo is banking on the fact that people will in-fact find it hard to resist to play other levels and go for the purchase. And yes, they are hoping it shatters the popularity of other popular arcade games, breaking all records.



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