Carat Pro wireless earbuds coach you on the go

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Samsung has shown what wireless earbuds need to be like, and that said, things are only going to get better in the future. It is certain that your wireless earbuds will be mostly used during fitness activities, and designing them for such activities will reap profits for manufacturers. Since the market for wireless earbuds is still wide open, start-ups are investing their time in developing fitness centric wireless earbuds.

FIIL Technology wants you to fitter than you were, in the most entertaining way possible. They have come up with Carat Pro wireless earbuds that track your stats, give real time coaching and fill your ears with highest quality audio. They boast-off in-ear heart rate monitor technology based on Valencell Perform Tek for accurate biometric readings in real time.

Carat Pro comes with five different genres of fitness regimes including – running, biking, yoga, walking and indoor training. Courtesy the Smart FIIL + app, you’ll be able to get tailor-made fitness coaching. Additionally you can get instant update on particular statistics like heart rate, oxygen level, calories burned and much more with voice commands.

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Another interesting feature of these earphones is the Speed Dependent Sound (SDS) technology which produces beats and sound effects depending on your intensity of fitness regime. Depending on it, the audio is toggled (bass and treble levels) to get you in the rhythm. For example, it pumps you up when you are in the groove to work hard while calms you down when it’s time to cool down.

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The water and sweat resistant wireless earbuds come with their own storage of 4GB to keep your favorite tracks on-board. Otherwise, you can also connect it with Bluetooth to stream music from your mobile devices. They take around 1.5 hours to charge fully and last for up to 9 hours non-stop.

The project is up on Kickstarter for funding and a minimum pledge of $59 can get you a pair. According to the makers if the project is funded you’ll get them by June 2017.

Carat Pro wireless earbuds

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