Occipital Bridge rolls out next-gen iPhone-run mixed-reality VR headset

iphone vr headset
The developer of the Occipital Structure Sensor, an iPad and iPhone add-on that uses infrared to scan objects and gauge distances, has now come up with the Occipital Bridge- a VR accessory for iPhone users. Rather, it will make Augmented Reality accessible to iOS users.  The headset is being claimed more powerful than other available phone-VR headsets.  The Bridge features positional-tracking capabilities that is absent in other similar head-sets.  The Bridge is a hint at upcoming future where phone-run VR headsets would be going through a revolution.

The Bridge can map user’s surroundings enabling “inside-out positional tracking”. So far, this feature was available only in high-end VR headsets like HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. It has its own re-chargeable battery so that it doesn’t drain user’s phone-battery.
Bridge iPhone VR Set 3

User can walk around owing to included positional tracking. The resulting visual is a mix of reality and virtual world.  As soon as user drop in an iPhone, within no time Occipital’s sensor rig create accurate and detailed 3D maps of user’s environment.  The headset offers a 120 –degree wide-angel view. The user can place some pre-programmed objects as demo like placing virtual furniture alongside the real-sofa.
Bridge iPhone VR Set

There is also a virtual robotic buddy called the Bridget that can jump around like a pet dog on users command.

The current version is basically meant for developers, who will be sharing the responsibility to make best of the technology by figuring out how it can be utilized in the commercial world.
Bridge iPhone VR Set 2

Occipital Bridge, as per the company, will cost $399 and will be available March 2017.  There could be a $499 early “Explorer Edition” that might start shipping this month. Prices for UK and Australia are not decided yet. You can read detailed reviews posted by various blogs for more information.

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